15 Feb 2015

Experimenting with method

I guess the bunny has a mouth now. And a tooth?

I thought I would do a method/style test before I did any kind of longer comic. Above is an attempt at one panel with clean black and white line work. It's kind of stark but it almost works. Maybe the line work is a bit thick and the shading is a bit strange. I was very keen to shade something as I wanted to try out these manga shading sheets that I found in an art store in Japan about a year ago. They are super fun and easy to use.

And this is before I applied a threshold filter.

8 Feb 2015

Japanese Park Drawing

Here is a drawing of one of the parks near our house. (Click on it.) I spent more time on this than I have on any drawing in years, maybe even ever. Perhaps 15 hours? I'm happy with how it turned out. I always have trouble with the colours and I would do some things differently if I was to do it again. Such as use different pens for inking. Here is the photo I was working from:

Before colouring:

This one below I did a few weeks back. It only took a couple of hours. I was trying to produce something without putting much time into it as I usually do. (What's the point?) When I finished I decided I would try and draw a background without half arsing it and so I started working on the Coke drawing. 


Any tips? Ideas?

28 Dec 2014

Facebook Friends!

After about 4 years there is a new Domestic Cowboy comic! Click to make it full size. Email it to your boss. Stick it on your fridge. Share it with your Facebook friends!

13 Sep 2014


This is a painting done on packing cardboard.

24 Aug 2014

消しゴムスタンプ Fish Stamp!

This is a 消しゴムスタンプ (eraser stamp). Making these stamps are lots of fun! Below is a picture from my Instagram (instagram.com/claymcintosh).

21 Aug 2014

10 Tonys in 10 minutes!

This is Tony Abbot. The drawing took ten minutes. Can you find Dr Tony? 

9 Aug 2014

Drawing some people

This is the only bit of drawing I've done lately. I drew it on a train in South Korea earlier this year from a free magazine. I did the digital drawing with a second hand Wacom that I bought for 2000yen. It seems to work fine. I've never been able to do nice line work but I have always tried using 'weighted' lines. I turned of the sensitivity on the Wacom and it seems to work better for me.

And here are some other 'tourist' videos I've done over the last year or two.

Upside down house!

My favourite Domestic Cowboy comic without a doubt is this one:

Something about this comic just hits my funny bone every time. That is why I was so delighted to find that someone's built an upside-down house!

Looking back, I can see that I haven't updated my blog in over a year and a half. I noted in that blog that I'd started playing Minecraft. Well, I've decided to stop playing Minecraft cold turkey and it's been one night and I've now updated my blog. Correlation does not imply causation!?

In the past year and a half I think this is the best thing I've done:

More stuff to come...

7 Dec 2012

A whole new world!

Since last blog update, I have moved to Japan. Crazy!

Before leaving, my friends were all kind enough to let me take photos of them with a triangle. Thanks everyone!

This is Kobe my new city...

This is a homemade 'talk-show' that a friend and I made. Thanks to my friend who is awesome!

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. There are a few more episodes of this to come and already I have some ideas for similar styles of shows. Any thoughts? Suggestions on how it could be done better?

I also started playing Minecraft. I love Minecraft. 

And lastly, this is a video of a kid being freaked out by a street performer.

15 Jun 2012

Mystery cardboard gun fight!

This is a little video I made and submitted to Mysteryguitarman's Sandbox show on Bammo on Youtube. It didn't get selected which I was pretty cut with, but I can live with. What annoyed me most is the submission process as it was a bit confusing as to if your film was submitted or not - plus there was no confirmation or email or anything. I sent Bammo a message to ask if they got it but they didn't reply.

Anyway, My wife and I got in another Mysteryguitarman's video. 

Can you find us? We look something like this: (hey! I only just noticed that he flipped us)

9 Jun 2012

Pause. Save? Short film script.

Below is a 14 minute short animated film I wrote last year. Please read it, tell me what you think, pass it on to friends. I'm after someone to make it into an awesome film - could that be you? ...

Click - Pause. Save? (Greyhound)

8 Jun 2012

The Coke War

This is the biggest film project of mine. Hope you enjoy it... and leave any thoughts in the comment section.

12 Mar 2012

Some kind of action film

Woo! Finally got some time on the weekend (10/3/12) to do some filming with some hella awesome people! 

Now for editing... 

27 Jan 2012

Cartoon Cookies

I made my nephews some Toy Story ginger bread cookies. I wasn't very happy with them myself, but they loved them - particularly the Buzz ones. I was happy with just one cookie I made... and that is the Finn cookie from Adventure Time up the top. I drew the face on with some lovely textas (with edible ink) my beautiful wife bought me for my birthday. I've got a long way to go with cookies.

16 Dec 2011

Lunch Break 3D

I'm not really a gamer - but this is not because I don't like them... it's because they waste your time and your money (and your entire life).

13 Dec 2011

Flash cheat tutorial

I thought I would have a go at doing a tutorial. This is the first one (2 parts)...

And below is the second part...

Let me know what you think... any suggestions?

If you can turn on the CC function (it tries and subtitles the video) give it ago cause it's hilarious.