19 Oct 2008

24 hour comic book day

I just killed myself by doing the 24 hour comic book day challange. The idea is to do 24 pages of comics in 24 hours. And here's what I did:
I wont upload the comic cause its not very good. I gave myself a 4/10 for the comic. This was mainly because I was lazy and didn't care to much. As soon as I got tired (about an hour after it started) my care level just went. So I had 4 hours sleep in that time and watched 2001: a space Odyssey... so I wasn't putting my all into it, But that's ok... It's always about the journey and not the destination or something like that right? I had fun doing it at Hung's and it was awesome to watch how he illustrates (blog link on the right).

And for those people who like purple:

1 comment:

Tim D. Cannan said...

thats awesome. i can't belive you did so many pages; i could only manage eight. also i've been checkin out the domestic cowboy. when your funny, your dam hilarious.