19 Oct 2008

24 hour comic book day

I just killed myself by doing the 24 hour comic book day challange. The idea is to do 24 pages of comics in 24 hours. And here's what I did:
I wont upload the comic cause its not very good. I gave myself a 4/10 for the comic. This was mainly because I was lazy and didn't care to much. As soon as I got tired (about an hour after it started) my care level just went. So I had 4 hours sleep in that time and watched 2001: a space Odyssey... so I wasn't putting my all into it, But that's ok... It's always about the journey and not the destination or something like that right? I had fun doing it at Hung's and it was awesome to watch how he illustrates (blog link on the right).

And for those people who like purple:

12 Oct 2008


I've decided that pictionary really isn't that fun a game. Whilst playing Pictionary Hung and I drew some pictures, or more accuratly Hung drew some pictures that I added too. Check out his blog its awesome! We got beaten bad in pictionary. I think you can guess what I drew and what Hung drew. Air drew that lady (after Hung drew the guy looking in that direction). So here are my characters hanging out with Hungs:

And here is a new version of a comic I've already posted:

5 Oct 2008

Pinkal Pixie

When your a 23 years old guy and you draw something like this out of your own free will you really feel like a man. This is a 'fan' drawing (I guess) of the show 'Pixel Pinkie' in my drawing style. I do animation on it and it comes out on channel 9 whenever they feel like showing it. Were working on season 2 at the moment.  http://www.pixelpinkie.tv/

I took this photo on the way to work... hilarious.

A sketch of a 'splash' page for my up and coming domestic cowboy website:
And a new Domestic cowboy comic: