8 May 2010

You-tube day

On Saturday I tried to have a Youtube collaboration day at my place. The idea was to get my friends together and in 12 hours make a Youtube clip based on whatever skills and ideas people brought with them. Unfortunately none of my friends shared the enthusiasm I did... except for a few who couldn't make it the whole time due to other things. So nothing of greatness came forth. What did come forth is this Yak... which was drawn by Bec-O'Brien... and animated by me. SDAL got some teddy bears to fight him and he filmed it which should be rad if we can get it off the camera (we are having quite a bit of trouble). We did have fun and alot of sushi.

Morals of the story:

-Don't make your Youtube day a social event. Its for people who want to make films, not someone who wants to play risk (which has its time and place).
-Make sure everyone is going to be there on time, for the whole time and be enthusiastic.
-Have it organised long in advance.
-Don't have Flash and Live Action in the one day... Either Flash or Film. They are different arts... that require different attentions.
-Perhaps make it a competition?
-Don't go to Sushi train (in someone else's car).
-Have the event more mobile... In a car... going from location to location (if filming).
-Make it iPhone free.