12 Jan 2011

The King - Meritocracy

This was filmed in September last year under the house where I was living. Right now this house in flooded in the Brisbane Floods (12/1/11). I was going to wait and upload these in order (this is episode 2) but the floods made me inpatient, and also I thought people might like the distraction today. This was very fun to make! We had a ball the night we filmed it and I enjoyed editing it on our new iMac.

This project was just a test... to see if it would work, and how it would happen. I want to see if our local community TV channel want us to make a show for them.

-It was quite hard to convince people that this was worth trying to attempt; mainly because I'm bad at communicating my ideas. People were happy to help... but perhaps didn't know what I was trying to do.
-Filming with 3 cameras (ps. Thanks Alisdair Harden, Andrew Morphy and Scott Levick for their cameras) we had problems with uploading them and getting all the different files to work together.
-One of the camera's died during filming... in this episode actually... you may be able to notice.
-Not having internet doesn't help.

-I was very impressed at how good everyone was in front of the camera! Well done y'all!
-3 camera set up worked a treat (or could work a treat)
-Was heaps fun!

Overall I'm very happy with what came out...

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