3 May 2011

A little bit of background

Tonight I decided I would try and draw a complete scene... I never draw a whole scene - that is, characters in a background. I always only draw characters standing on white space or photo shop them onto a photo. I do this because (1) I'm lazy and (2) I can't really draw... and drawing backgrounds is hard. Anyway... this is tonights attempt. Surprisingly, I found drawing the background easier than expected... but the problem was line-work, scanning and photoshop. Any tips? I think my biggest problem was not bothering to work out the scanning software and I got a bad scan... anyway... It's a start... I'll keep trying.

PS. This is our 'lounge room' (and kitchen).
PPS. My Wacom is dying... it has been for about 12 months :( Only works sometimes.


SDAL said...

So that looks better than when I saw it last.
One thing though, choose your light source. The shadow of the door on the wall shows a low light source, whereas most of the other shadows indicate a central ceiling height light source.
I know you wanted a cleaner line, and I did suggest you go over it in pen before i said just scan it in anyway, but I like the feel of the line, the jaggedness to it. Of course, I understand that's not what you want, but I don't have a problem with it.

Timothy Merks said...

Hey that looks good. It's great when you use a raw line and scan it in.

How I do this stuff is I duplicate the scanned line and make that a multiply layer. I then attach a curves adjustment layer and pull down the blacks and raise the whites a bit (or lower them if I want to retain the paper texture)

I then do a layer of a block colour (usually the feel of the scene like a dark brown) as painting on white is a bit boring. Create a layer above that and away I go adding in the colour

Brad McCoy said...

Looks cool