24 May 2011

Zine launch

Domestic Cowboy - I could have been so many things... was launched with a BANG! Thanks to Andy for the song. It will live on forever in our hearts... and longer on the internet.

I was inspired by Sugar Belle to make some ginger bread for the launch. They worked OK but it was a very rushed job (with both cutting out the shapes and icing). Also we didn't have enough icing sugar. Lessons learnt... next time I'm allowing 4 hours to cut out the shape and cook them; 4 hours to ice them. All in all... it wasn't as hard as I'd imagined... and I feel that with a bit of practice I could make some pretty awesome ginger bread cookies.

This is my beautiful wife eating the bunny. :)

And people generally enjoying the picnic.

There are still about 20 zines left if you want one.

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Tina said...

Clay cool song!
Mum and Dad!