20 Jun 2011

Domestic Cookies

Here is my second attempt a Domestic Cowboy Cookies. Perhaps not what I hoped, but getting there. Note: black icing sugar. Again, time was a problem... but my real enemy this time was consistency... that is icing sugar consistency. It either came out too fast and ran and was drippy, or came out too slow and was stiff and lumpy. So that is something to work on. My wife suggests that they look better when they have less colours, and are more simple. Perhaps she's right. They taste awesome b.t.w.

Can you see Ratgirl?

I made these for a friends farewell party... perhaps she likes Twilight, and perhaps I was trying to make an Edward cookie. Perhaps a little ambitious.

1 comment:

Rosey said...

Hey these domestic cookies are so fantastic!!! I'd buy some off you! I also like your 10 Julias and 10 Kevins in 10 minutes. They're great too!