9 Jun 2011

Domestic Party

I drew the background of this first, using a 'home and garden' magazine as a guide. Then added the people. I'm happy with all the guys in this photo - they are all funny and odd looking. The girls... well... I can't really draw girls.

I drew round eyes with pupils, which I don't often do. It makes them look like Rugrats drawings. I again had troubles with the colouring, the lines and all that... It looked better on my darker laptop than my bright iMac.


SDAL said...

So it's looking pretty good. I don't have any comments on the colouring, but don't you think the size of your characters is a little disproportionate to the space?
I had an idea that maybe you should try redraw some of your earlier strips with more attention to background, since that seems to be something you feel is lacking in your work. Now I'm not sure if that is actually the case, since the strips I look to as best examples are Peanuts and Calvin and Hobbes. With Peanuts, it's very minimal, and very flat. Most of the strips are really from one perspective, kind of looking side on as the characters face each other or turn to face us a bit more. With C&H, there's definitely more use of the picture plane, but that's not really the kind of thing your doing. So I'm suggesting you try use more backgrounds in your strips, and see if it actually adds anything.
Another thought I had might be that you're trying to use colour in a medium that generally uses B&W. Perhaps that's the issue, why it doesn't look right to your eyes. Maybe you need to tone down the use of colour to something like an inkwash or watercolours, just to highlight things or suggest colour. I think the work of Dustin Nguyen is something you might want to look at, his Batgirl covers.

Clayton McIntosh said...

Oh... the disproportionate thing is intentional. It cracks me up! I don't really have any problems with no backgrounds in my comic strips. Although I would like to be making longer stories that have background art and a longer story. I don't love the inking in my comics. I looked up that Dustin guy... I like his stuff... but I'm after a more bucket effect rather than a painted effect.