25 Jan 2011

Teddy, cub, lion, and an overuse of yellow!

The 'final' cleaned up drawings for the kids Church program I was talking about a few blogs back.

21 Jan 2011

Jump the shark

A new episode of 'The King'. This was the very first one we filmed... we had no idea what we were doing... but it was fun. If we film some more... do people have any suggestions or ideas as to what would make it better?

16 Jan 2011

Church sketches!

This is a drawing of a lion cub... or as Katie (my wife) thinks a sloth. Below the lion-sloth are sketches and ideas for a 'local' church Sunday school program. We've got the Crèche, the Cubs and the lions.

Below are probably the 3 I will go with. Thoughts? Kutz?

12 Jan 2011

The King - Meritocracy

This was filmed in September last year under the house where I was living. Right now this house in flooded in the Brisbane Floods (12/1/11). I was going to wait and upload these in order (this is episode 2) but the floods made me inpatient, and also I thought people might like the distraction today. This was very fun to make! We had a ball the night we filmed it and I enjoyed editing it on our new iMac.

This project was just a test... to see if it would work, and how it would happen. I want to see if our local community TV channel want us to make a show for them.

-It was quite hard to convince people that this was worth trying to attempt; mainly because I'm bad at communicating my ideas. People were happy to help... but perhaps didn't know what I was trying to do.
-Filming with 3 cameras (ps. Thanks Alisdair Harden, Andrew Morphy and Scott Levick for their cameras) we had problems with uploading them and getting all the different files to work together.
-One of the camera's died during filming... in this episode actually... you may be able to notice.
-Not having internet doesn't help.

-I was very impressed at how good everyone was in front of the camera! Well done y'all!
-3 camera set up worked a treat (or could work a treat)
-Was heaps fun!

Overall I'm very happy with what came out...